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Fingerprint golf markers

Fingerprint Golf Marker


Golf Markers: Sterling silver, approx size of 1p piece.


Gift packed: All finished items are beautifully packaged in our own boxes.


Price: £70

A unique way to make their mark on the golf course, there certainly won't be any mix up with these markers. We know some very special golfers and they've told us these feel like goodluck charms every time they play!

The Fingerprint Process


  • We send you an impression pack


  • You take the impression and send it back


  • We then make a cast and create your unique peice of jewellery

  • Email or call to arrange a visit to our Warwickshire studio


  • We capture your loved one's prints directly into silver


  • We then create your unique piece of jewellery



Golf Marker Lady Captain 615x425 Golf Marker My Grandma 225x160 Golf Markers Back view 615x425 Fingerprint golf markers Purchase Fingerprint Fairy Packaging